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AVEVA Integration Guide: Detailed Production Scheduling with Real-time Data

Welcome to the world of simulation. Simulation provides a unique way to examine the future and make intelligent decisions based on what you learn. While simulation technology has been around for decades, it is still rapidly evolving. Advances in object-oriented approaches provide rapid modeling and the flexibility to model complex systems that could not be modeled just a few years ago. And integrated 3D animation makes the creation of compelling 3D visualizations easy, and this in turn helps assure more robust, understandable models and better communication with stakeholders.

Simio extends that base technology to provide a unique solution for planning and scheduling. Simio provides AVEVA MES with Finite Capacity Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality. Simio’s patented approach to planning and scheduling is first to automate comparing a deterministic schedule from MRP with a variation adjusted schedule to let you effectively deal with breakdowns, unplanned events and material shortages. You can then re-schedule resources to acceptable levels of risk. Data is brought into memory for fast execution. While Simio takes full advantage of your existing data to quickly and automatically build you scheduling model, that base model can also be enhanced as needed to accurately capture complexity unique to your system.

The team of architects behind Simio have been leaders in simulation since the early 1980’s, playing key roles in the design and development of four previous market-leading products. Simio is the result of this team applying their collective 180 years of simulation experience and using the very latest in technology and development techniques to create a new generation of simulation problem solving capability.


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