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Simio and Simulation - Modeling, Analysis, Applications 4th Edition

By Jeffrey S. Smith, David T. Sturrock and W. David Kelton

The fourth edition (May 2017) is written for Simio Version 9 and later, the latest in simulation technology. In this edition, we added a new chapter on Miscellaneous Modeling Topics including sections on Searching, Balking and Reneging, Task Sequences, Event-based Decision logic, the Flow Library, the Extras Library, and Experimentation using Parallel and Cloud Processing.


The fourth edition (May 2017) is written for Simio Version 9 and later, the latest in simulation technology. In this edition, we added a new chapter on Miscellaneous Modeling Topics including sections on Searching, Balking and Reneging, Task Sequences, Event-based Decision logic, the Flow Library, the Extras Library, and Experimentation using Parallel and Cloud Processing. We also updated and promoted our former appendix on Simulation-based Scheduling to a chapter. And we added a new appendix referencing previous Simio Student Simulation Competition problems. In addition, the coverage of animation, input analysis and output analysis has been significantly expanded. End-of-chapter problems have been improved and expanded, and we have incorporated many reader suggestions. We have reorganized the material for an improved flow, and have updates throughout the book for many of the new Simio features recently added such as the properties window, and GIS mapping support.

Jeffrey S. Smith is Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. Prior to his position at Auburn, he was an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University. In addition to his academic positions, Dr. Smith has held professional engineering positions with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Philip Morris USA. Dr. Smith has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University and MS and PhD degrees in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. His primary research interests are in manufacturing systems design and analysis, and discrete-event simulation.

Dr. Smith is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Manufacturing Systems and Simulation, and his research work has been funded by the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA), NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), Sandia National Laboratories, SEMATECH, the USDA, and the FHWA. His industrial partners on sponsored research include Alcoa, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens VDO, Continental, Rockwell Software, Systems Modeling Corporation, JC Penney, Fairchild Semiconductor, IBM, Nacom Industries, and the United States Tennis Association (USTA). Dr. Smith has served as principal investigator on over $4 million of sponsored research and won the annual Senior Research Award of the College of Engineering at Auburn University in 2004. In addition, he has twice been selected as the Outstanding Faculty Member in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Auburn. Dr. Smith has over 50 scholarly publications in journals and conference proceedings, numerous book chapters, and invited presentations. He has served on several national conference committees and was the General Chair for the 2004 Winter Simulation Conference. Dr. Smith is a Fellow of IIE and senior member of INFORMS.

David T. Sturrock is Vice-President of Operations for Simio LLC. He is responsible for design, development, support, and services for all Simio LLC simulation and scheduling products. He also teaches graduate simulation classes as a Field Faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh. With over 30 years of experience, he has applied simulation techniques in the areas of manufacturing, transportation systems, scheduling, high-speed processing, plant layout, business processes, call centers, capacity analysis, process design, health care, plant commissioning, and realtime control. He received his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from The Pennsylvania State University with concentrations in manufacturing and automation. He began his career at Inland Steel Company where he worked as a plant industrial engineer, and later formed and led a simulation/scheduling group. He subsequently joined Systems Modeling where, as Development Lead and ultimately Vice President of Development, he was instrumental in building SIMAN and Arena into a market-leading position. When Systems Modeling was acquired by Rockwell Automation, he became the Product Manager for Rockwell's suite of simulation and emulation products. He is an ardent promoter of simulation, having had speaking engagements in over 50 countries across six continents. He was the General Chair for the international 1999 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC). He co-authored the 3rd and 4th editions of Simulation with Arena (Kelton et al. 2004, 2007). He has participated in several funded research projects, written a fist full of papers, and has been an active member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), INFORMS, PDMA, SME, AMA, and other professional groups.

W. David Kelton is a Professor in the Department of Quantitative Analysis and Operations Management at the University of Cincinnati, where he also serves as MSQA Program Director.

He received a BA in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an MS in mathematics from Ohio University, and MS and PhD degrees in industrial engineering from Wisconsin. He was formerly on the faculty at Penn State, the University of Minnesota, The University of Michigan, and Kent State. Visiting posts have included the Naval Postgraduate School, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, and the Warsaw School of Economics. He is a Fellow of both INFORMS and IIE.

His research interests and publications are in the probabilistic and statistical aspects of simulation, applications of simulation, statistical quality control, and stochastic models. His papers have appeared in Operations Research, Management Science, the INFORMS Journal on Computing, IIE Transactions, Naval Research Logistics, the European Journal of Operational Research, and the Journal of the American Statistical Association, among others. He is co-author of Simulation with Arena (Kelton et al. 1998, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010), which has sold over 87,000 copies worldwide and has been referenced in over 170 refereed journal articles since 1998, receiving McGrawHill's award for Most Successful New Title in 1998; it has been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. He was also co-author, with Averill M. Law, of the first three editions of Simulation Modeling and Analysis (Law and Kelton 1982, 1991, 2000) for McGraw Hill, which has sold over 109,000 copies worldwide and has been referenced in over 2,200 refereed journal articles since 1982. Grants have come from General Motors, Ford, Standard Oil, Cray Research, Apple Computer, Hennepin County (Minnesota), the Minneapolis Citizens Council on Crime and Justice, the Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, Vaughn Communications, Cincinnati SubZero, Omnicare Inc., Revco Drug Stores, Baker/McKesson Automated Pharmacy Systems, Select Tool & Die Corporation, Procter & Gamble, and the University of Cincinnati Offce of Research and Advanced Studies.

He was Editor-in-Chief of the INFORMS Journal on Computing from 2000 to mid-2007, during which time the journal rose from unranked on the ISI Impact Factor to first out of 56 journals in the operations-research/management-science category. He has also served as Simulation Area Editor for Operations Research, the INFORMS Journal on Computing, and IIE Transactions, Associate Editor of Operations Research, the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, and Simulation, and was Guest Co-Editor for a special simulation issue of IIE Transactions. He regularly reviews for many journals, NSF, and NSERC. In 1982, he received the TIMS College on Simulation award for best simulation paper in Management Science, in 1994 the IIE Operations Research Division Award, in 1997 a Meritorious Service Award from Operations Research, in 1998 the INFORMS College on Simulation Distinguished Service Award, and in 2001 the INFORMS College on Simulation Outstanding Simulation Publication Award.

He was President of the TIMS College on Simulation, and was the INFORMS corepresentative to the Winter Simulation Conference Board of Directors from 1991 through 1999, where he served as Board Chair for 1998. In 1987, he was Program Chair for the WSC, and in 1991 was General Chair; he is a Founding Trustee and Past President of the WSC Foundation. He has consulted for NASA, Volvo, General Dynamics, HarperGrace Hospitals, Pillsbury, 3M, Johnson Controls, Systems Modeling, SuperValu, SEMATECH, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, the Vienna (Austria) Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. Army Logistics Management College.


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